Social Media

Spot your business with Facebook marketing

Facebook is the most popular social media network among Thai people. There are over 70% who are on Facebook. Therefore, to be recognized on this social media is the first priority for all businesses. To boost up your connection with your customers. Lets our team help you to plan your marketing strategy.

Sell more on Instagram

Instagram is a place for photo and video-sharing social media networking. This is one of the best online marketing tools for all businesses. With several marketing features, Instagram is very useful to share your brand image and get a notice from people online especially from our help of Springboard Solutions team.

Interact with your customers through LINE

To connect directly to your customers, LINE is the potential application for communication and it has a wide range of features that facilitate you to promote your company in new and extensive ways. With our help, customers can reach your brand effectively.

To be known from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another channel to promote your company as a professional organization in the corporate world. It’s able to help you spread your message to connect with the new business partnerships and stronger clients from all professional LinkedIn members.